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This is a sister site to our new main site caninerally.com  

Canine Rally suits all people and dogs, of all ages and abilities, with different levels of training knowledge and physical abilities too.  It's inclusive and not restrictive.

Canine Rally allows for all styles of training, as long as they are Fun, Kind and Effective, for both the handler and dog. 
Training and Learning should be enjoyable for the team.

What is Canine Rally?
Canine Rally uses training exercises, which are laid out on a course, for the Team (1 person + 1 dog) to work their way around.  The exercises are made up of training techniques, used in various sports such as obedience, to teach the dog certain moves ie walking in heel position, recall, retrieve and walking through obstacles.  

How is Canine Rally different to other types of Rally, from across the World?
Although Canine Rally is in essence, similar to other forms of Rally, the method of moving through the Grades is unique.  Unlike other Rally organisations, we have produced a program, which is class led and not Trial/Show led.  In other words, Instructors who have gone through our training courses, teach their students in class or 1-2-1.  The students are assessed at the end of a block of sessions, through our Awards Scheme.  Once they pass, they move on to the next Grade and so on.  

I'm a dog trainer and would like to become a Canine Rally Instructor.  How do I go about it?
In the first instance, please send us an email, using the contacts section on this page.  Someone from the Canine Rally Team will be in touch soon.  Alternatively, go to the training site canine-rally.teachable.com

I would like to start training my dog, Canine Rally.  How do I find an Instructor?
In the first instance, please send us an email, using the contacts section on this page.  Someone from the Canine Rally Team will be in touch soon. Alternatively, go to our sister site and click on 'Find an Instructor'  We will be adding an interactive map soon

I have a reactive dog.  Can I do Canine Rally with him/her?

Absolutely!  Canine Rally will teach you lots of exercises, which are transferable to use when your dog is finding life difficult to deal with, like a dog across the street.  Also, because you progress through assessments and not Trials/Shows, there is no need to put your dog under the stress of attending such an event.  Your dog will be on familiar ground, with familiar people and maybe other dogs too.  A win win situation!

Can you tell me some of the exercises, as I'm not familiar with Rally?
Yes, here are just a few.  Right 90' turn - Right 360' Circle - Wait to Recall - Walk through cones together - Wait to retrieve.  These are pretty regular, but we have some extra surprises in store, as we have developed Canine Rally to be modern and forward thinking, so if you train with one of our Instructors, you will learn so much more!

Can the students and Instructors enter regular Rally Trials and shows run by different organisations?
Yes they can, as long as they are aware of each organisations rules and regulations.  What we teach will not impact or conflict, but each organisation has their own styles, so people must contact them directly for more information.  

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